The team

Passion for the wine.

Coral Duero, passionate and dedicated professionals who through their know achieved such exceptional results.

  • Raúl Garcia.

    Owner and CEO.

    I’ve always been attracted by international business and wine. I have spent over 15 years working in export sales in several wineries. In my mind I always had one dream; to one day become the owner of a winery where I can project all my experience and passion for wine: so this is Coral Duero. For me, a dream come true.

    I’m aware of the challenges we face. Only by providing added value to our products and offering an outstanding service will we set our company on the path to success.

    Constant research to improve our wines and provide the resources to develop and implement them will always guide our philosophy.

    Above all, to build a team where every single member plays an essential role in the project, to help it grow over the coming years.

    Coral Duero gives me the chance to share not only my passion for wine but also to exchange culture, tradition, experiences, and friendship.

  • Mavi Mielgo.

    Operations Manager.

    I have been a part of the Coral Duero project since 2008. It is exciting to be part of this new phase where climate, vineyards, soil and daily work are all connected.

    I love the team I work with and all my colleagues from different departments. It makes my job really fascinating. The best thing about the winery if for sure the wine we produce!

  • Juan Manuel Riesco.

    Vineyard Manager.

    Born in the Toro región, I started working in vineyards with my father and really hope to transmit this heritage to my children. Understanding nature is sometimes hard.

    Every single year, every single harvest represents a new challenge. I accept and love this challenge.

  • Andrés G. Gutierrez.


    There are so many determining factors involved in the winemaking process, some of them unpredictable.

    The skill to understand and combine all these factors goes, most of the time, beyond chemistry. It’s closer to sensitivity.

  • Maxence Brunel.

    Export Manager.

    I think that the Toro region has got as much potential as the Bordeaux wine region.

    The character, the story, the climate, and the perfectly adapted grapes, highlight Toro as one of the best wine regions in Spain.

    I am proud to help people discover one of its jewels: Bodegas Coral Duero.

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