Our story

A dream... to produce the best wine in Toro.

Bodegas Coral Duero was founded in 2003 by Jesús Fernández, a native to Toro who spent most of his life working in the marine sector. A wine lover at heart, he harboured the dream to one day return home and produce the best wines in Toro. He went on to purchase over 30 hectares of the oldest and most resilient vines in El pego, a small village known to have the best terroir in the region. 

A team experts in the rare and exceptional grape, Tinta de Toro, came together to produce our first harvest in 2005 and the results came quickly…

Coral Duero obtained our first recognition in 2008, with a Gold Medal at the “Wine and Spirit Awards” and in 2017 received 93 Parker Points for wines produced as “Rompesedas.”

Jesus decided to retire in 2019 but his dream lives on. A group of forward-thinking young wine enthusiasts continue his legacy, bringing a breath of fresh air to the traditions of the Toro terroir and creating eloquent and elegant expressions of Tinta de Toro. 

Our Mission.

Coral Duero is committed to honour the tradition of Toro’s historic terroir and respect the nature that nourishes its resilient soil. 

The name was given to the winery by the founder Jesús Fernández, with Coral as a reference to his seafaring background. 


The extraordinary resilience of coral reefs also alludes to the vitality of our vines that have survived for over 140 years, resisting even the Phylloxera plague. Duero, of course, is in recognition of the Duero river which bisects the Toro Region, replenishing and giving our vines life.

A Respect for Nature and Tradition.

Nature, unpredictable and capricious as it is, is to be admired.

Every single bottle of wine we produce represents the profound respect we have for it. Our centuries-old vines, sustainable winemaking methods, hand harvested grapes, and strict selection process allow our wines to preserve the character, personality and tradition of Toro.

With a deep appreciation for nature and tradition to make genuine and authentic wines, we believe in the potential of Toro and want to share these principles all over the world.


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