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Toro’s 2023 harvest season has come and gone

Toro’s 2023 harvest season has come and gone

After months of meticulous care, this is where our team can enjoy the fruits of our labour. Following the days of hand harvesting our grapes and a strict selection process, our wine is now fermenting in our winery in the small town of El Pego.

2023 was a great year for us from every possible standpoint: from managing rain levels, optimal acidity and ripeness, as well as the alcohol levels of our Tinta de Toro grapes.

Each of our 4 vineyards received a lot of rain in the winter and again in early summer. During the flowering, we did lose some grapes. August was a bit of a rollercoaster as well, as it was very dry and hot and we were worried it would slow down the acidity. However just before the harvest in September we welcomed over 40 litres of rain, which was fantastic for us with fattening the grapes and adjusting those acidity levels.

Because of the age of our vineyards, especially in our star plot ‘Las Parvas’ (which is over 140 years old) they can endure more extreme temperatures and weather. Due to their age and the length to which their old vines reach, they can withstand more water than usual, as well use up stored water in times of drought and extreme heat. When the heavier rains came just before veraison, this could have been complicated, but we are lucky by virtue of our ancient vineyards.

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